Rectangle Handrails



The ultimate answer to a modern timeless demand. Make a powerful statement with a simplistic design. The sharp lines and corners of this baluster system will transform your designs with straighter and modern-looking components. Box Series is a robust Rectangle 2.36″x1.18″ with thick balusters that can withstand heavier loads . Because of the modularity of all Smart Railings systems, you can even combine Box Series with components of any other Smart Railings system. Infill choices include cables, glass or bars.


Designed for: Light and medium use
Use: Indoor and outdoor
Suitable for: Top, in-floor and fascia mount
Applications: Stairs and balustrades
Material: Stainless steel 304 and 316 satined
Infills: Bars, cable or glass with glass clamps
or glass adapters
Glass thickness: 15/64″ – 11/16″, depending on the chosen glass hardware
Top finish: Round or square stainless steel handrails
  • Available in 2.36″x1.18″
  • Square, geometric angles and precise lines
  • Includes an extensive range of modular components